Anxiety (2018)

Painting in Series
I believe faithfully in the healing properties of every creative process. I have no religion, but I like to say that Art is my God, and when I needed it most, it was like a warm hug in my heart. It was like having coffee with myself. For me, beauty is not enough. I like when Art provokes me, makes me uncomfortable, and makes me think and act. I want to listen to my intuition and turn destructive thoughts into visceral art.  Painting has always been a  way to express my feelings. And without a doubt, I feel that I'm on the ground; shoes wrap around my feet,  I know what it feels like; I'm here.  

Metamorphosis (2018)

New York State of Mind (2018)

Raw (2019)

Deal with your Demons (2018)

Untitled (2019)

Carne (2019)

The Eye that sees all (2019)

La Bailarina (2018)
The painting was created and inspired by Frida Kahlo's accident.
 On September 17th of, 1925, She got in a fatal bus crash that almost took her life. When people found her through the metal and glass pieces, she had lost all her clothes; her body was injured in multiple spots, including the perforation of her pelvis by a giant metal. Someone inside the bus was holding gold dust, that during the accident it was spilled everywhere, including Frida's whole body.  People called her the ballerina when she was found because her bloody body sprinkled gold.

Solar Plexus (2020)

Home (2020)

Fragmento (2021)

Contato (2020)

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