"Hemlines From Skylines"
Architectural Fashion, along with Madison Avenue BID 
Inspired by New York's iconic art deco architecture, more than 15 sculptural dresses created by students from SVA's BFA Design and BFA Interior Design programs were spread through Madison Avenue, celebrating the fall fashion season; and then installed during the holiday season at 75 Rockefeller Plaza.
My piece was inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge, which held the excellence of the longest suspension bridge in the world for two decades. Opened on May 24, 1883, It was an honor to use all the history behind this revolutionary architecture as inspiration.
No doubt, there is no comparison between the making process of the bridge and my sculpture, but I don't deny both were hardcore. I glued each piece of the plastic brick mold on the cloth mannequin for the top of my dress. Then I filled grout in between. The frame of the skirt was ordered from metal expertise, and the wires were cut one by one and put together, reframing the Brooklyn bridge's spectacular steel suspension. The shoes had the same making process.
Selected Press: NBC New York - DesignObserver
Recognition: Graphis Gold

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