Barbara is a Brazilian Graphic Designer based in New York. A recent graduate from the School of Visual Arts, she aims to create flexibility within uniqueness during the wave of sameness. Her unorthodox approach understands the living design systems as if they were a person; Is this person in touch with their true authentic self? Devoted practice and sagacious thinking accentuate her sensibilities; by systematizing imagination, the finale unfolds to eloquent empathetic solutions within the current fast-paced environment.
She is currently working at Coalesce, a digital product boutique located in the heart of Chinatown. Her focus is on branding systems, customized typography, motion graphics, illustration, book design, and various print mediums. 
Barbara loves painting, photography, collages, drinking coffee, doing handmade gifts to friends, museums, yoga, biking, nature, tattoos, Brazilian music, etc. 
She also writes about design and uses writing as katharsis. Check her Medium page for more.

Commarts Design Annual 64

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