Students were asked  to create chairs that represent what inspires them. The finished sculptures came together on a refurbished, spinning 1960s carousel. An exhibition by the School of Visual Arts' 3D Design and Interior Design departments, the "Chairousel"  was part of the Design Pavilion with a partnership with NYC x Design. Our mentors, Kevin O'Callaghan and Dr. Carol Bentel, were in charge of the exhibition. Chairousel was on view on 44th and Broadway from May 10th until May 22nd, 2019 .
My sculpture focused on my love for food, specially spaghetti, blaming on my Italian heritage. It took me approximately 4 thousand feet of plastic cord to lace it. The giant meat ball is a basketball covered with a liquid foam and painted lastly. Special Thanks for my mentor Kevin O'Callaghan that gave me the big fork, the cherry on the cake. The chair was also in “Making ROOM,” an exhibition by School of Visual Arts on view from Nov 23, 2019 to Jan 4, 2020.
Selected Press: Time Out New York   -  SVA NYC Features 
Recognition: Graphis Honorable Mention
Studio photos by Pedro Figueiredo

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